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Commissions offer prospective buyers the opportunity to contribute to the paintings and impart distinctiveness and exclusivity to them.
Akangsha invites commissions from individuals looking to have paintings customized to their preferences. A buyer desirous of having a painting tailor-made by Akangsha may use the form below to be added to the Commission Waitlist and have Akangsha reach out to them for a free consultation of how best the painting may be executed.


After Akangsha and the prospective buyer determine how the painting is to be executed, an advance payment is required to be made to solidify the arrangement. A confirmation email is then sent, containing the details discussed and a clickwrap agreement is shared to ensure both parties are on the same page.

Upon completion of the painting, images and videos are shared for the buyer to approve. The approval is then followed by the settling of payments and the painting is couriered to the buyer's address of choice. 


Please fill out this form if you wish to have a painting commissioned by Akangsha.


Alternatively, you may send an email to for any other queries.

Thanks for submitting!

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