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Akangsha's Palette

a medley of artistic manifestations by Akangsha Chakraborty

"Akangsha's artwork is truly awe-inspiring. Each of her seascape pieces in my collection evokes a sense of calm and wild, beauty and danger, contradiction and mystery..."

— Daniel Challam

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My Work


About Me

Akangsha is an artist based in Delhi, India primarily focused on painting original seascapes and landscapes in oil on stretched canvas. 


Her creations are heavily inspired by dancing waves and patterns found in nature ― the energy, colours, and spaces of landscapes. She endeavours to exhibit realism with each brushstroke and aspires for her work to connect with and evoke distinct emotions in each observer, causing each piece to remain personal and exclusive. She is of the view that paintings have unidentifiable components woven into them which resonate differently with each viewer and measures her success in her ability to create these components in ways that her patrons find desirable.


Akangsha's career as a fine artist has been a result of a carefully managed balance between skill-development, creative thinking, and communication. She seeks to give form to what is otherwise unquantifiable while surpassing barriers of cost, distance, and space. Her patrons include an eclectic mix of people, varying both in age and temperament; all unified by the general desire to escape life's manic pace and immerse into the windows we commonly, and perhaps insufficiently, call paintings.

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