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This is a request-based workshop. Kindly click on the 'Place Request' button below in order to sign-up for the workshop.  



Sunset Seascape

• Date: 1st October 2023 (Sunday)
• Time: 7:00 pm IST
• Cost: Rs. 1400/- 

• Duration: 3 hrs 
• Platform: Google Meets

I get so many requests asking how I create my soft blue wave paintings, so I thought I’d create a workshop for everyone! In this workshop, I walk you through this sunset ocean piece from start to finish using a soft color palette and truly easy-to-follow steps. This class is suitable for artists of all skill levels and is sure to get your creativity flowing!



Misty Mountains

• Date: 30th September 2023 (Saturday)
• Time: 7:00 pm, IST
• Cost: Rs. 1400/-

• Duration: 3 hrs 
• Platform: Google Meets

In this 3-hour workshop, we dive into a gorgeous moody mountain painting that explores my techniques in great detail. I explain every step that you take to create depth, mist, and mood within your work. This class is filled with wonderful tips that will be sure to help you thrive on your creative journey. Suitable for artists of all skill levels. 

Past Workshops

"Thank you so much for everything Akangsha! It was honestly a very thorough workshop, and I've learned alot. Definitely need to practice more, and that's now possible thanks to the basics you've shared with us."

— Daniel Challam

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